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The Case of the Missing Thelma: episo...

The Case of the Missing Thelma: episode 13 of Treehouse Time

Live from the Treehouse Time Motor Speedway! The neighbor’s dog is very barky in this one, be warned A chicken DIY Don’t! Terrlet Back to school! Tim’s sugar addiction is out of control! Back to school candy/beer Orange Slices Secret Projects Montana Brides and other writing projects Want to learn how to publish? Leslea is […]

Dreams for Sale: episode 12 of Treeho...

Dreams for Sale: episode 12 of Treehouse Time

  Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams is a free listen over at Amazon. No bugs! We recorded inside because the outdoors is just so noisy. Real dreams vs. dreaming about the future Selling out vs. selling the product of your dream Do you have to retire before you follow your dream? When you compromise your dreams to […]

Past, Present, and Future: episode 11...

Past, Present, and Future: episode 11 of Treehouse Time

Feeling reflective! The insects and the birds are very loud again today…the cacophony of late July at 10 am Today’s theme: Past, Present, and Future Tour of IU This Brilliant Darkness Sunrise over Bloomington Horseback riding in Brown County The Daily Grind Have you ever thought about downsizing? When you love your life, why would […]

Every chicken’s fantasy? Laying...

Frosty limoncello in purple Mason (Ball) jar. Louie is in the background. Limited edition jars, click to buy some before they're all gone.

A noisy morning in a wet July A forced staycation? Ukulele lessons Thelma & keets update A near miss with a free goat “Is it a big day?” The controversy begins Louie is in fine voice We find our inner zen Technical yoga terms are bandied about Leslea’s modeling career is relaunched Apocalypse Mow update […]

Limoncello Day: episode 9 of Treehous...

Fat rooster

Live from the back deck again It’s the Louie show Hatch update! The mad cow returns Limoncello Day has arrived, and we taste it live More #DIY talk The day Tim made two desks The plans for Tim’s easy desks Fat rooster Teddy the Toad vs Thelma Shopping for office chairs Rating the Mating, a […]

But, you can’t DO that!

But, you can’t DO that!

How many times have people told us we couldn’t? I don’t know about you personally, but for me…countless times. I’m going to give you three examples. The one that just popped up on my laptop has to do with coloring books. A few years ago at a terrific writing conference, a terrific writer WHO SHALL […]

Happy Fourth of July and chicken 911:...

Happy Fourth of July and chicken 911: episode 8 of Treehouse Time

July 4th recap Lots of birds on this show! Chocolate graham cracker crisis averted while recording Have you ever heard of “rat pucking“? Soccer ball croquet DIY We will definitely be setting this up in the future! Kid carwash DIY  This looks like the exact plan Tim used. Why do our chickens have blue feet? Blu-Kote link: […]

Marital Drama unfolds! Episode 7 of T...

Indoor mini-golf!

Shownotes: Live from the back deck again! Are mad cows actually angry? The Pileated Woodpecker Fan Club in effect Thelma update! We confess our DIY Fails Angry cow + donkey make a surprise appearance Chicken poop management. It’s a thing. DIY Firestarter logs: a good idea, but a fail for us. Let us know if […]

Eggspertise & Claustrophobia: ep...

In this house, we do GEEK

Did you miss us? Tim doesn’t know where we went. Live from the back deck again! Apocalypse Mow update Leslea’s Guerilla co-parenting tactic of the day Diving board hijinks & making friends with goats Can you force a child to enjoy himself? Clean eating challenge T -12 hours: Pizza Hut + Red Dye #5 Meeting […]

What would you taxidermy? Episode 5 o...

First bear spotted in Indiana in 140 years...DAMN it!

Tim does a Ricky Ricardo impression and we get visitors to the studio
The revenge fantasy we both enjoyed: John Wick
The dude from Girl with the Dragon Tattoo talks to Theon Greyjoy re: Neo
Tim gives you a rundown of what it’s like to watch a movie at our house (directed by Michael Bay!)
Who would win in a fight? John Wick vs Molly Weasley
The heavy breather in this episode is our 10 year old Jack Russell Terrier
Why are people always surprised Molly Weasley killed a Death Eater?
Did Molly Weasley have any kids who were frequent customers at St. Mungo’s?
Our latest trip to the ER
Our garage door is still broken and our yard…
What would YOU taxidermy?
Beware the coming Bear Apocalypse
BREAKING NEWS: since this podcast was reported,the bears have arrived in Indiana!!
How to get everyone to yield the passing lane
Our daughter would would taxidermy a bad guy
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