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Episode 22: It’s exhausting bei...

Episode 22: It’s exhausting being #1 all the time

  Ancient Aliens Still seeking a Polish hen or pullet as a gift for Tim Fair food at Lanesville Heritage Weekend Louisville Maker Faire Fireworks battleship Fire-breathing horse Homemade roller coaster Power tool racing Louisville Slugger big bat Giant gold David Chicken shenanigans Tash cousins are everywhere! Science Center birthday party with liquid nitrogen ice […]

Treehouse Time episode 21: Labor Day ...

Treehouse Time episode 21: Labor Day Weekend

Georgetown Drive-in DIY progress (ha ha) Tim’s birthday! Amazon Echo! What can’t it do? Breakout Louisville! Ready Player One review Update on our Pokemon Go book! Grab This Brilliant Darkness by Red Tash for free with your first 30 days of membership. Does anyone use the Nook anymore? Is Barnes & Noble still a […]

Treehouse Time episode 20: Birthday P...

Treehouse Time episode 20: Birthday Party Suicide Squad

Live from our air-conditioned bedquarters because the back deck is unbearable Birthday Party Suicide Squad Colorblind, lazy, or brain damaged? Little kid umbrellas Teaching kids the value of money Our ceiling fan drives Leslea crazy…good thing she owns a copy of this book What happens when you walk into a cloud of Axe Trying to […]

Treehouse Time, Episode 19: Pokemon G...

Treehouse Time, Episode 19: Pokemon Go! Holiday World! Winning July!

Pokemon Go, folks. Pokemon Go The side benefits of work travel Team Mystic and Team Instinct, represent What is the appeal of this game? Couch 2 5k Talking to strangers, oh my! Pokemon Go security settings: quell Lex Luther’s diabolical plan Games that WORK are actually fun 😉 Which is worse? George W dancing at a […]

Treehouse Time Episode 18: Tsum tsum ...

Treehouse Time Episode 18: Tsum tsum wine & a little rip rap

The tent is dead Peppa Pig Our date to Quibble Hill The New Salisbury Dairy Dip Greasy burger theory A bitchin’ Camaro Life before phones Navigating rural Indiana Father’s Day Tim’s “cheesecane” (aka Batman keychain from a blind bag) DIY Rockwalls / terraces / combating erosion Riprap Tsum tsums (Leia, Minnie Mouse, Gold Alice) Tim’s […]

Treehouse Time episode 17! The Bomb

Treehouse Time episode 17! The Bomb

A short, but action-packed episode! Topics include: Track meets Chicken tunnels Landscaping/gardening Lord Grantham And there is a VERY BIG BOOM

March Madness! Treehouse Time episode...

March Madness! Treehouse Time episode 16

Catching up! This episode is total mayhem. No show notes.

WightCast teaser

WightCast teaser


Happy New Year! Treehouse Time episod...

Happy New Year! Treehouse Time episode 15

Happy New Year! Since we last checked in… Status updates on leaves & DIY the damn freeloading chickens tree chucking podcast guilt Halloween! Thanksgiving! Tim got drunk on limoncello Pricasso New appliances! “I know there’s not a Ninja in there.” Tim’s new xBox Tim’s fave Christmas gifts: Dr. Who Scarf and fedora The kids liked […]

Catching up, Treehouse Time episode 1...

Catching up, Treehouse Time episode 14

early autumn forest sounds! what’s an awkward pause between friends? fall has begun blackbird migration back to school complications Leslea’s big DIY project! RIP, mower New mower?  Lanesville Heritage Weekend The Carnie Who Was Smoking Weed Our special guest returns Tim’s palletmobile Functional closet space for 2 Decluttering = joy! Thelma’s 8 piece bucket Happy […]