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Treehouse Time Episode 18: Tsum tsum ...

Treehouse Time Episode 18: Tsum tsum wine & a little rip rap

The tent is dead Peppa Pig Our date to Quibble Hill The New Salisbury Dairy Dip Greasy burger theory A bitchin’ Camaro Life before phones Navigating rural Indiana Father’s Day Tim’s “cheesecane” (aka Batman keychain from a blind bag) DIY Rockwalls / terraces / combating erosion Riprap Tsum tsums (Leia, Minnie Mouse, Gold Alice) Tim’s […]

Treehouse Time episode 17! The Bomb

Treehouse Time episode 17! The Bomb

A short, but action-packed episode! Topics include: Track meets Chicken tunnels Landscaping/gardening Lord Grantham And there is a VERY BIG BOOM

March Madness! Treehouse Time episode...

March Madness! Treehouse Time episode 16

Catching up! This episode is total mayhem. No show notes.

WightCast teaser

WightCast teaser


Happy New Year! Treehouse Time episod...

Happy New Year! Treehouse Time episode 15

Happy New Year! Since we last checked in… Status updates on leaves & DIY the damn freeloading chickens tree chucking podcast guilt Halloween! Thanksgiving! Tim got drunk on limoncello Pricasso New appliances! “I know there’s not a Ninja in there.” Tim’s new xBox Tim’s fave Christmas gifts: Dr. Who Scarf and fedora The kids liked […]

Catching up, Treehouse Time episode 1...

Catching up, Treehouse Time episode 14

early autumn forest sounds! what’s an awkward pause between friends? fall has begun blackbird migration back to school complications Leslea’s big DIY project! RIP, mower New mower?  Lanesville Heritage Weekend The Carnie Who Was Smoking Weed Our special guest returns Tim’s palletmobile Functional closet space for 2 Decluttering = joy! Thelma’s 8 piece bucket Happy […]

The Case of the Missing Thelma: episo...

The Case of the Missing Thelma: episode 13 of Treehouse Time

Live from the Treehouse Time Motor Speedway! The neighbor’s dog is very barky in this one, be warned A chicken DIY Don’t! Terrlet Back to school! Tim’s sugar addiction is out of control! Back to school candy/beer Orange Slices Secret Projects Montana Brides and other writing projects Want to learn how to publish? Leslea is […]

Dreams for Sale: episode 12 of Treeho...

Dreams for Sale: episode 12 of Treehouse Time

  Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams is a free listen over at Amazon. No bugs! We recorded inside because the outdoors is just so noisy. Real dreams vs. dreaming about the future Selling out vs. selling the product of your dream Do you have to retire before you follow your dream? When you compromise your dreams to […]

Past, Present, and Future: episode 11...

Past, Present, and Future: episode 11 of Treehouse Time

Feeling reflective! The insects and the birds are very loud again today…the cacophony of late July at 10 am Today’s theme: Past, Present, and Future Tour of IU This Brilliant Darkness Sunrise over Bloomington Horseback riding in Brown County The Daily Grind Have you ever thought about downsizing? When you love your life, why would […]

Every chicken’s fantasy? Laying...

Frosty limoncello in purple Mason (Ball) jar. Louie is in the background. Limited edition jars, click to buy some before they're all gone.

A noisy morning in a wet July A forced staycation? Ukulele lessons Thelma & keets update A near miss with a free goat “Is it a big day?” The controversy begins Louie is in fine voice We find our inner zen Technical yoga terms are bandied about Leslea’s modeling career is relaunched Apocalypse Mow update […]