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Happy Fourth of July and chicken 911:...

Happy Fourth of July and chicken 911: episode 8 of Treehouse Time

July 4th recap Lots of birds on this show! Chocolate graham cracker crisis averted while recording Have you ever heard of “rat pucking“? Soccer ball croquet DIY We will definitely be setting this up in the future! Kid carwash DIY  This looks like the exact plan Tim used. Why do our chickens have blue feet? Blu-Kote link: […]

Marital Drama unfolds! Episode 7 of T...

Indoor mini-golf!

Shownotes: Live from the back deck again! Are mad cows actually angry? The Pileated Woodpecker Fan Club in effect Thelma update! We confess our DIY Fails Angry cow + donkey make a surprise appearance Chicken poop management. It’s a thing. DIY Firestarter logs: a good idea, but a fail for us. Let us know if […]

Eggspertise & Claustrophobia: ep...

In this house, we do GEEK

Did you miss us? Tim doesn’t know where we went. Live from the back deck again! Apocalypse Mow update Leslea’s Guerilla co-parenting tactic of the day Diving board hijinks & making friends with goats Can you force a child to enjoy himself? Clean eating challenge T -12 hours: Pizza Hut + Red Dye #5 Meeting […]

What would you taxidermy? Episode 5 o...

First bear spotted in Indiana in 140 years...DAMN it!

Tim does a Ricky Ricardo impression and we get visitors to the studio
The revenge fantasy we both enjoyed: John Wick
The dude from Girl with the Dragon Tattoo talks to Theon Greyjoy re: Neo
Tim gives you a rundown of what it’s like to watch a movie at our house (directed by Michael Bay!)
Who would win in a fight? John Wick vs Molly Weasley
The heavy breather in this episode is our 10 year old Jack Russell Terrier
Why are people always surprised Molly Weasley killed a Death Eater?
Did Molly Weasley have any kids who were frequent customers at St. Mungo’s?
Our latest trip to the ER
Our garage door is still broken and our yard…
What would YOU taxidermy?
Beware the coming Bear Apocalypse
BREAKING NEWS: since this podcast was reported,the bears have arrived in Indiana!!
How to get everyone to yield the passing lane
Our daughter would would taxidermy a bad guy
Send us your photos of…
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Treehouse Family Jamboree!

Treehouse Family Jamboree!

It’s finally here. A YouTube channel. Since obviously the kids need a voice in this whole thang! Our first vid is live here: Treehouse Time YouTube Channel

Backflip into the Sarlacc pit: Treeho...

Do a backflip, Luke!

Sylvia sits in for Leslea
The woof! The woof! The woof is on fire!
Bird news
Our busy Saturday with only one kid in tow (imagine when we have four)
The epic Sportbrella
Waiting on our Coolest to arrive
We are spoiling our daughter
My Little Pony’s Princess Cadance
A good time was had by all at the Green Bean Delivery outing at Fox Hollow Farm
Leslea is turning into Professor Snape
Red Tash’s Lucian’s First Trick features human skulls in jars, btw, if that’s the kind of fiction you enjoy
An inventory of the things we’re fermenting
Old-school women and canning
The podcast takes a turn into horror writing
Leslea reveals her secret motive for visiting the antique mall
Tim is surprised how good organic corn tastes
A “jaded older woman teenager” sort of thing is a website for the annals of history, but you can still find the products (most of them are linked) here.
Limoncello Fair 2015! Tune in after the 4th of July for the final verdict.
Send us your recipes using vodka
Some people are kind and encouraging
Introducing our new co-host, Tim’s belly
Our plan to turn our sinkhole into a Sarlacc pit
Why would Luke Skywalker be kicked out of the public pool?
The high dive is like the fashion runway
Leslea’s spirit yearns to soar
The Big Star Conspiracy
Tim wants a boulder with his name on it
A detailed description of our front “yard,” aka Apocalypse Now
What did Tim do to deserve mailbox baseball?
Tim still plays Angry Birds
Mo’ Flappy Bird, Mo’ Problems
GiGi sings us out

Lights out! Uh-huh! Blast blast blast...

I can not tell you what she did not know because you will not understand, Kimosabe.

Live from the back deck!

The power is out and Leslea wastes no time dissing The Rock
Give you one guess what took out our power (it wasn’t Sasquatch)
Leslea is unfairly pessimistic about the REMC
That one time we were the last house in Louisville to get our power back
It could always be worse…
Do you watch Longmire? You should and here’s why.
Richard Castle vs. Walt Longmire
Longmire vs. CSI
Lou Diamond Phillips can not use contractions
Longmire vs. The Lone Ranger
Why should we read when we can binge watch?
Quiz: who wrote Olivia?
Tim demonstrates why Leslea can’t live without him
Should we live in the main house or the guest house?
The 8th grade mosh pit dance
Leslea explains Wipeout to Tim
You’re on your own, Papa John
We love you, Depends! Send us sponsorship money!

Birdy and her friend Birdy

Birdy and Birdie

This time last year I had a new release in the Contemporary Romance / New Adult book category. It was titled Bird After Bird, and it’s the story of a couple of lonely hearts with broken wings. Honestly, it’s probably bit too grown up to fit well in the New Adult genre, but live and learn. […]

Warlocks and Wormholes: Treehouse Tim...

Stan is the one on the left
  • Why Leslea doesn’t blog exclusively about chickens
  • Beware disease egg
  • Who won the Super Bowl?
  • A podcast for the slightly clueless
  • Wild black raspberries, anyone?
  • Tim promises foodstuffs but who ends up zesting the lemons around here, huh?
  • Don’t lock your pets, kids, or podcasters in a hot car
  • Leslea had multiple podcasts in the past, but she puts on a facade of amateurishness to make Tim feel more comfortable. 😉
  • Sportsball? How about the Avengers?
  • Spoiler alert! Avengers 2 plot points, and as per usual, Leslea is confused
  • Is Bruce Banner too old to be emo?
  • The “DC” game
  • Tim is let down by Leslea’s lack of unbridled enthusiasm about a Star Trek chair
  • Tim shares his plans to decorate the office with Stan Lee paraphernalia
  • An amnesia test for geeks
  • FandomFest stories – the Lone Geek Boy rides again!
  • Colin Ferguson drives Tim INSANE
  • Treehouse News! The deck is OPEN.
  • Irish Girl Mist sells facial mist for rosacea, but can also do homemade bug spray if you’d like. (If you want the bug spray, please leave a comment)
  • Our 24/7 Cauldron Bash
  • Warlocks & Wormholes!
  • What topics would you enjoy?
  • Treehouse Time episode 1

    The treefort behind The Treehouse

    Show notes:

    Who are Leslea and Tim? (Listen and find out.)
    “Zesting” a lemon sounds more fun, doesn’t it?
    Can you parent a bird?
    Those aren’t real dogs. They’re sound effects. You’re welcome. #behindthescenes
    Our implicit goals for this podcast? Scaring our dogs, goal #1. Goal #2? Listen and find out.
    Guess who provides this soundbite: “Hello, poopie.” (It’s not Leslea.)
    Tim is a little bit older
    Why we named our show Treehouse Time! (It’s kind of an Inception thing.)
    The mysterious tractor parade Dashcam VIDEO
    Mother’s Day Monster Truck rides for all
    Turtle Run Winery
    Airing of Grievances
    Guerilla Parenting, maybe?
    Limoncello recipe. This is the one gallon jar we spent months looking for–save yourself the trouble and just Prime ship one to your door.
    Tim sings us out
    We’d love to hear from you. Please leave us comments or send emails.

    P.S. We hope you didn’t notice any bugs, but since this was our first episode, we were still working out some kinks. The audio improves in the next episode! And there are fewer interruptions, promise.

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